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This is a community without gangs ...

Dec. 17th

Clean, safe parks Rundown, drug dealing environment
No graffiti vandalism Marked turf areas
Safe for kids to play in their front yards Kids killed in their front yard by 'Drive-bys'
Non existent car vandalism or car thefts Cars parked at curb used for 'Pick your part', frequent neighborhood car thefts
Most male juveniles graduate from high school Most male juveniles 'Jumped' into gangs
Very low rate of female juvenile run-a-ways and/or pregnancies Extremely high rate of female juvenile run-a-ways, kidnapping, rapes, and/or pregnancies
Community and neighborhood pride Communities afraid of their neighborhoods


You know, with all the gang violence, deaths, crimes, etc., it's very hard to understand how the gang culture is so glorified in our society.

Shame on Time-Warner, and all those other entertainment companies who make millions off movies, records ... you name it ... that glorify gangs.

I am very surprised there isn't a 'Gangster' line of clothing out there.

I recently quit eating at a diner in the area I grew up in (been going back there a couple times a month to eat for over 37 years), because the owner thought it so important to make a few nickels from a 'Hommie' dispenser (overgrown gumball machine, with a plastic ball containing a mini 'Hommie' figurine/key chain), which the little gangstas like to hang from their belt loops.

And what is in the mind of a parent of a kid that isn't a gang member in buying that kind of crap for their kid. Are they wishing junior will go out there and get killed in some drive-by?

What's up with parents who:

let their kid dress like a gang-banger,
let their kid shave his head like a gang-banger,
let their kid get tattoos like a gang-banger,
let their kid use a gang name instead of his real name like a gang-banger,
let their kid spray paint everything in sight (this years I was in a house where "junior"
... had etched his gang moniker on the 35 inch screen of the family room television)
let their kid hang out at gang locations with gang-bangers,
and then get upset when the POO-LICE are constantly harassing their "innocent" kid,
... just like they do to gang-bangers !?

I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

You all stay safe out there, you here!

Former LAPD Crime Analyst