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Update to my letters of Jan 24, 2003 and May 28, 2003 - my brother's killer

Jan. 14th

Hi Bill...

It has been quite awhile since I last wrote to you...

In November I went to the first trial hearing of Charles E. Yates. It was horrible to see the guy who killed my brother but I stayed strong. His sister showed up and threw me horrible looks like I did something wrong to her and her brother ... it was upsetting.

The judge found enough evidence to proceed and there will be a few more hearings before the actual trial which will probably be in June or July. His bail was set for 2 million dollars so he won't be going anywhere. I found a website that has inmate information. I track what is going on with him since the detective on the case is slow on getting info to me.

I will keep you updated on the progress ...

Take care,

Melanie Donahue