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I feel the police are doing an outstanding job

February 4th

I am a citizen whom is very concerned with the crime rate. It bothers me that the police have their hands tied when it comes to dealing with criminals.

It seems that the public wants law enforcement, especially with the growing gang problem, but they get upset when they get pulled over or their gangbanger son/daughter gets arrested.It makes me laugh when I see a parent try to defend their gangbang kid by saying that they are not affiliated.

But when you look at the kid he/she has tattoos consistent with those of local or other gangs. They could have tattoos on their head, neck, last name or gang name on their back, but the parents will still deny any gang involvement.

I personally see no problem with the police pulling someone over and checking them out because they look suspicious. If you are tired of being "harassed" maybe its the way you look. Maybe its your pants that are 4 sizes too big and your gang affiliated tattoos or shaved head, or all the above. Wow maybe your a gangbanger!

I am a minority and have never had a problem with the police. Maybe its because I don't look like a hoodlum. So it cant be because they are all racist, although in some cases it may be possible. And I don't live in a rich area.

Gang members draw attention to themselves and that's what they like. They like the attention so they can try to intimidate, But guess what they also draw the attention of law enforcement. So if they don't like the attention maybe they should change their appearance.

I feel the police are doing an outstanding job.

Keep up the good work.

R. Delgadillo
Los Angeles