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I am a criminal justice major and I have a request ...

Feb. 15th


My name is Brian Anderson and I am currently attending Guilford Tech community college in North Carolina.

Im taking a community poling course which requires us to research a out of state agancy that has community policing.

I've found your web site and see that your agancy does have a CP program. If [it's] possible to help me with my research I would like any information about your Agancy "specificly" on community policing if at all possible.

[ here he gives his email and home address ]

If you could send me any info on your department it would really help me out.

Thank you,

Brian Anderson
North Carolina

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is my reply:

Los Angeles Community Policing
a grassroots 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization
Website address:

Dear Brian:

I am delighted you have found the website useful and easy to use, and hope you'll visit often. Please feel free to tell others about our work.

As you no doubt know from your studies at Guilford Tech Community College in North Carolina, community-based policing programs and policies are now being employed world-wide. In the main major efforts are promulgated and run by local governments, law enforcement groups and universities.

Our nonprofit is unique, and serves the entire LA region, especially Los Angeles, America's second largest city.

We at Los Angeles Community Policing are a grassroots group, independent from any law enforcement agency as well as from the government. The LACP website ( is a grassroots community effort too, and I am the webmaster.

We cooperate fully with LAPD, the LA County Sheriff, the local police union, the Mayor, the City Council and many others, but this effort is not supported either financially or in any other way by any of them.

We have neither asked for, nor have received, any funding from these groups.

Instead we've set up LACP as a nonprofit corporation, and are actively engaged in finding sponsors, individual and corporate, who can help us continue the work we're doing.

We'll also be applying for foundation grants (a long process).

It is our desire that we remain grassroots and free from even the suggestion of impropriety, as we continuously appeal for the community to contribute letters, articles, calendar items, etc.

We tell all who wish to participate that this is YOUR grassroots community group, and is YOUR website ... because it is ... it belongs to everyone.

We believe there are many valid points of view, and that the dialogue and sharing about community policing is, in itself, of tremendous value.

To that end I'd like to suggest you feel free to send a "Letter to the Editor" or an article at any time through the website.

We're followed by an avid group of people, about 30,000 a month at last count, who include community members, law enforcement officers and government officials.

Thank you again for participating at LACP. We look forward to your contributions in the future.

Yours in service,

Bill Murray

LA Community Policing
323 / 225-6393

Website address:

......"Community Policing ... it's everyone's issue"