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Community Policing info needed

March 7th


My name is Blanca Arteaga. I'm doing research paper on Community Policing I was wondering if you can answer some of my questions.

1. Has your department opted to train its law enforcement officers in Community Oriented Policing? (If so, what type of training?)

2. When did you start doing Community Oriented Policing (Year? Month?)

3. How did the agency’s law enforcement officers accept Community Oriented Policing?

4. How was Community Oriented Policing (COP) efforts received by the community?

5. What current C.O.P. projects does your department have? (i.e.: Are there any officers assigned to a particular part of the community, or do you have bicycle patrol, other projects etc.)

6. A college education is extremely important in being open minded and accepting of change. What type of college education does your department require during its recruitment process for law enforcement positions?

7. What current educational incentives (additional pay for college education) does your department have?

8. How do you view the law enforcement officer in the next five years? What changes do you see in the future for law enforcement agencies?

Thank you for taking the time of answering my questions.

Blanca Arteaga