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Highly Commended - Los Angeles Community Policing, Bill Murray

March 12th

Highly Commended
Los Angeles Community Policing
Bill Murray

The Hubbard College of Administration Highly Commends Bill Murray, founder of Los Angeles Community Policing for his assistance to us in addressing the issues of our own community and for his dedication, commitment, and service to others in helping to improve conditions around us.

We were in the process of forming a community business alliance that would bring business owners together to address the issues and concerns of our neighborhood. Bill Murray contacted us to offer his help and this we immediately accepted.

Bill helped us to promote our first meeting on his website He spent time with us on the phone, providing very sane and effective advice and information. Bill came to meet with us at the college and spent hours enlightening us on various issues and resources available. He has acted as a most wise "sounding board" and advisor.

Bill also attended our meeting and made a significant contribution to the overall success of the meeting. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a partner for our community efforts, one who inspires us to constantly take more responsibility and points the way.
Bill Murray's contributions and actions are much appreciated and highly commended by Hubbard College of Administration.

Peggy Hilgers

On behalf of The Executives and Staff
Hubbard College of Administration

12 March 2004