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Officers cannot arrest anyone dealing drugs on hearsay

May 12th

To All Neighbors:

Just a reminder, officers cannot arrest anyone DEALING DRUGS on hearsay. They must have probable cause or witness the transaction themselves. This makes sense because it protects everyone from being falsely accused.

However, citizens can be the eyes and ears of their community by reporting what they see with as much identification and information about the suspects as safely possible. This will alert the police and help them locate the persons doing illegal transactions and perhaps set up a sting operation or whatever is necessary to get them off the streets.

NEVER IDENTIFY YOURSELF, APPROACH OR APPREHEND THE SUSPECTS OR YOU COULD BECOME A VICTIM and a problem instead of the resolution. You should always maintain a low profile.

If you are interested in volunteering, learn how to do it safely, contact your Community Relations Officer at your local area station for information regarding their training program.

Nina Royal
Ass't Co-Chair
Foothill Area CPAB &
Member of the Volunteer Surveillance Team