Letters to the Editor
... input from forum participants


Commission on Disabilities and Neighborhood Empowerment

May 24th

Good morning,

My name is Ernest Hamilton, I am a Commissioner on the L.A. County Commission on Disabilities, appointed by Supervisor Burke in 1973.

I really enjoyed meeting you at the Neighborhood Empowerment meeting this past Saturday.

After attending several of the focus groups in the morning and afternoon sessions, it was obvious that the disability community has not been actively involved in the overall focus of the neighborhood council. I want to volunteer as a Neighborhood council activist and assist with the facilitation of inclusion of one of the largest overlooked, and under represented communities in our community - "The Disability and Senior Citizens."

I have informed the County Commission of this issue, as well as the office of Supervisor Burke, and look forward to working with the Neighborhood Council, and Citywide Issues Group to bring about inclusion of every citizen in the City of Los Angeles - and eventually the entire County of Los Angeles.

Thank you very much,

Ernest T. Hamilton Jr.
Commissioner / L.A.County Commission on Disabilities
213 / 974-1053

(P.S. I anticipate the involvement Commissioners on the City and County Commission being actively involved in this process. Thank you for a very informative conference)