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Abu Ghraib and the LA City Council - Open Letter to Janice Hahn

May 28th

Ms Hahn:

Last week the council passed a motion moved by you to investigate abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. My question Ms Hahn is, how does this support our troops efforts under difficult circumstances in the midst of a war. Do you believe Angelino's wish to have their tax dollars spent in this fashion, which we have no direct control over. You of all people, whom also serve a committee to monitor government efficiency. Given our present circumstances I find your resolution foolish and irrational.

One of the first court-martial cases that I read was in a rather lengthy story reported in the Pasadena Star-News. After reading it twice, the only thing I could find the soldier is guilty of was taking photographs of naked and shamed prisoners.

Another event disclosed last week was the abuse of young children at Hollywood elementary school.

Will the council pass a resolution to show support for parents of maligned kids? Will you motion a resolution condemning the Oil for Food Scandal in Iraq.

While the governments of France and Germany satiate themselves in oil, Iraqi children continue to starve in abject squalor. Since our government lifted the economic sanctions in Iraq my understanding is that the conditions are improving.

Will you author councilwoman, a resolution, and will the council pass, investigation into our own county jails, of which 25% of the population is, according to Sheriff Lee Baca, criminal aliens. Many of whom find themselves confronted with multiple deportations.

Where was the symbolic council May 6 , 2004, in support of The National Day of Prayer? Earth month however appeared well represented.

Lets face it Ms Hahn, these issues are just not as animating or fashionable as taking a cheap shot at our Military and our President disguised as compassion. Shame on you.

Michael McGuire
El Sereno
member LA-32 NC