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Another question - about parking on city streets

August 12, 2004

How many cars can one family park on a city street at one time? If my neighbor has five cars on their property and four cars on the street for more than 3 days is that legal?

Also how many people are permitted to live in a single family home?


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We are not officially affiliated with LAPD or any other City agency. We're simply a nonprofit grassroots organization. But I'll try to answer your questions.

As far as I know, there are no restrictions on the number of cars a person may own ... but there are limits on where one can park cars in terms of time.

My understanding is that an auto can be legally parked on a city street for up to 72 hours without it's needing to be moved. After that it might be ticketed and eventfully towed. But a car can be moved a short distance (one mile on the odometer?) and returned to the same street where it can remain another 72 hours.

The parking enforcement people will know the exact rules ... try this website:

The number of residents in a private home is a matter of public health and not a police matter. However there may be rules that apply in a rental property ...

Hope this has helped.

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