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Safety in Los Angeles - congratulations and thank you for LACP

November 25, 2004

Dear Bill Murray:

I mistakenly found your in-depth website while surfing the net and felt compelled to congratulate you. I know how hard putting together a website is and how hard it is to put one together promoting the LAPD and community safety.

I am a Police Officer with the city. Not LAPD but, with the General Services Division. The 40+ officers assigned to protect City Hall and patrol hundreds of other city buildings, maintenance yards, council field offices and the like, take great responsibility in serving the city employees, visitors and citizens who come to our buildings.

We will soon have a much larger role that may interest your readers. The City Council is currently studying the feasibility to make our community parks and libraries safer. The council is proposing to merge the General Services Police with the City's Park Rangers.

The Park Rangers who have worked in some of our worst crime ridden parks unarmed will soon become General Services Police Officers and we will combine forces to better patrol various facilities throughout the City.

The General Services Division will also administer the operations of the Zoo and Convention center security to create an L.A. City "Office of Public Safety."

The Officers of General Services routinely assist LAPD officers at crime scenes and requests for help. Our new Office of Public Safety merger hopefully will free LAPD officers to continue patrol in the neighborhoods and respond to the various calls for service they receive.

Hopefully our effort will complement your efforts and make L.A. City a safer place for all.

Thank You,
Kevin Ahlemeir
Police Officer
GSD Police email