Letters to the Editor
... input from forum participants


Questions I need answered by tomorrow
(about Community Policing Programs)

December 16, 2004

1. When did you start your community policing?

2. What was your community policing program called?

3. When was the community policing program started?

4. Who contributed to the community policing program?

5. How do the police officers work when it comes to community policeing? (for ex: with respnse team to each catagory of calls, or just for the community calls)

6. What's the main objective/goal when it come to community policing?

7. Whats the name of your program/project which helps the community understand understand what they need to do on their part and what is your part?

8. Do you bring other city agencies in the process of public order maintnece,tearing down deserted buildings, towing away abandoned cars, etc.?

9. Within your community policing program what exactly do you do?

10. Does your community policing program only work when everyone is involved?

11. Does your CPP improve lives in every area or just some?

12. What declines are there if any?

13. Where the declines mostly beacuse of the CPP?

Krystal Perez
Los Angeles