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Regarding the Devin Brown case - why not use "gas rounds"?

Attn: Police Commission President, David Cunningham

February 17, 2005

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

I have been following the stories about this case and watched the press conference, etc., by Chief Bratton, Mayor Hahn, and others.

Then on Feb 14 I saw this small article that appeared in the Daily News, Feb. 14, 2005, pg. 7 about a man in a car waiving a gun in Beverly Hills. The BH police gave chase and when the opportunity presented itself SWAT team members "pumped some gas rounds into the car, and the guy came out" according to BHPD Sgt Mike Foxen.

I am astounded. A man waiving a gun, instigating a car chase and he is fired at with gas pellets? I was not aware that such an option existed. Why wasn't Devin Brown shot with gas pellets that would have caused the sure confused and frightened boy to exit the car unharmed? Why doesn't the LAPD use gas pellets to subdue those they are trying to apprehend instead of always opening and shooting to kill?

I feel this should be brought to public attention especially amongst the family of Devin and those community members who are trying so hard to keep the children and other innocents from being gunned down instead of helped.

Well, I hope you do not find my letter naive or silly. I just had to the article on to you hoping you can get some answers and effect change in the LAPD policy of shoot first ask questions later.

Carmela De Rose
San Fernando