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Feds will not share intel because LAPD's dual employment
policy creates National security breach

An open letter to the Mayor

February 10, 2006

Mayor Villagarosa,

Porter Goss, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, wrote in today's NY Times, "We also know that unauthorized disclosure of classified intelligence inhibits our ability to carry out our mission and protect the nation."

LAPD's dual employment policy creates a National security breach by allowing the opportunity for such unauthorized disclosure to happen.

This is the reason Washington doesn't trust the City of Los Angeles with sensitive or classified information. They know the LAPD has an official policy, allowed by state law, which allows active duty police officers to work as private investigators for private employers.

This dual employment creates a breach of national security when any information submitted to the LAPD through secure Federal channels, is put into the hands of police officers who also work for wealthy private clients, or law firms, as private investigators.

The Anthony Pellicano case is the perfect example of the results of this conflict of interests, created when a police officer, who works for the people and the prosecution, in pursuing the convictions of criminals, is allowed employment by private employers, including law firms, representing criminal defendants.

I pointed this out to Chief Bratton in my letter of December 10, 2002 (see below) concerning the danger, to the public's privacy and to national security, posed by this conflict of interest of allowing active duty officers to work as private investigators.

If Los Angeles wants to receive Federal aid or classified information to protect itself from terrorist attacks, it will have to put it's house in order, by prohibiting the practice of dual employment by the LAPD Until then, the Federal government dares not trust classified information to an insecure vessel such as the LAPD.

Thank you for your time.

Edward L. Woody

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