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Local Crime Reports

March 21, 2006


Is there a way of getting weekly crime report activity emails in my community (90035 zip code) sent to me?


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Hi there ... glad to help ...

As you may have read in the "L.A.Times" recently, the LAPD's crime statistics are now available on online maps.

1. Go to <>
2. Click on "go to crime maps"
3. Then enter the locale you want, like a street address, including the zip code (in your case, 90035)

It comes up with a map of the crimes in the last few days within 1 mile. (You have to float your cursor just right over each marker to get the pop-up box with the details.)

I then ask for the last 7 days, and that adds more info.

You're not limited to just the past week, but there is a limit of only a maximum of 7 days at a time. That is, you could ask for crime reports for any 1-to-7 day period, starting at any date.

The day this was written up in the paper, predictably, the system was overloaded. Now, it's working OK for me.

Yours in service,

Bill Murray

LA Community Policing