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Shomrim (Jewish Officers) Banquet

April 23, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Shomrim Society (Jewish Officers) of Southern California (a fraternal association of Jewish men and women in the fields of Federal, State, and Local law-enforcement [reserve officers to Chiefs of police], public safety and administration of justice) invite you to join us at our Annual Banquet on Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 6:00 P.M. at Sinai Temple located at 10040 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California (Dietary laws observed).

This year Shomrim will be honoring DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEVE COOLEY and CHIEF STEVE SIMONIAN. In addition, our Officers and the Board of Directors for 2006 will be installed by Los Angeles County Sheriff LEE BACA. Master of Ceremonies will be BOB PHILIBOSIAN.

2006 Officers and Board of Directors

Marvin Goldsmith, (Senior Assistant Attorney General (Ret.),
Calif. Dept. of Justice; Advisory Council, L.A.S.D.)

1st Vice President
Todd Silver, (Reserve Officer, L.A.P.D.)

2nd Vice President
Yehuda (Packman) Packer, (Detective, L.A.P.D.)

Glenn Crites, (Deputy Sheriff, L.A.S.D.)

Board of Directors
Sheldon Kaminsky, (Detective, (Ret.), L.A.P.D.)
Joseph V. Korpiel, (Reserve Chief, L.A.S.D.)
Joe Rosen, (Lt. (Ret.) San Fernando Police Department)
Marc Cohen, (Reserve Officer, L.A.P.D.)
Howard Gluck, (Ass't Supervising Deputy City Attorney, City of L.A.)
Neal Rein, (Lt. (Ret.) City of Simi Valley P.D.)

Rabbi Dr. Henry Kraus, (Chaplain, L.A.P.D., L.A.S.D.)
Rabbi Dr. Stephen Passamaneck, (Chaplain, B.A.T.F.)
Rabbi Chaim Kolodny, (Chaplain, L.A.P.D., Operations Supervisor, Hatzolah of Los Angeles)

Editor - Hashomer
Jon C. Olesen, (Sergeant (Ret.) L.A.S.D.)

Shomrim has become stronger, over the past 20 years, with bigger and better programs for members, law enforcement, and our community. Our association remains a significant tie to Judaism for many of our members. We provide networking opportunities and sponsored training presentations. We would really be delighted to see you at our banquet so that you can get to know the Shomrim Society of Southern California better.

Tickets for the banquet are $75 per person ($750 per table) which includes; cocktails and a Prime Rib or Salmon dinner. Shomrim also offers Event Program Guild sponsorship and yearly advertising.

Please contact me at your first opportunity or no later than May 3, 2006, to confirm your reservation or sponsorship. Thank you.


Todd Silver
Shomrim 1st Vice President (Past President)
(Past Vice President National Shomrim - Western Region)

Todd Silver
P.O. Box 88
Beverly Hills CA 90213-0088

The Shomrim Society of Southern California was formed in June 1982 as the Los Angeles County Shomrim Association. The organization grew to include members of the law enforcement, public safety, and administration of justice community in Southern California. The Society is a fraternal and social organization formed to promote the spirit of friendship of its members and their families, to encourage good fellowship among members, and to advance the welfare of its members.

Our Society is comprised of Jewish men and women who support the welfare of the general community and strive to improve the public image of the members of all law enforcement, public safety and administration of justice agencies everywhere. The Shomrim Society of Southern California is an affiliate member organization of the National Conference of Shomrim Societies.  The first Shomrim Society was established in the New York City Police Department in 1924 . The National Conference of Shomrim Societies was formed in 1958. Back in 1958 the motto of our organization "So that Police, Fire and Public Safety Officer of the Jewish Faith may join together for the welfare of all" was adopted. Today, our motto still rings true.

Past President Members of the Board: Robert J. Spierer, (Chief (Ret.), L.A.S.D.), Glenn Levant, (Deputy Chief (Ret.), L.A.P.D., Hank Rosenfeld, (Chief (Ret.),  Univ. Calif. Riverside P.D.), Harvey A. Cantor, (Lieutenant (Ret.), L.A.S. D.), Garrett Zimmon, (Commander (Ret.), L.A.P.D., Chief, City of San Bernardino Police Dept.), Leah S. Bergman, (Deputy District Attorney, L.A.), David J. Kalish, (Deputy Chief (Ret.), L.A.P.D.), Marvin Goldsmith, (Sr. Ass't Atty Gen'l (Ret.), Calif. Dept. of Justice), Stu Maislin, (Commander, L.A.P.D.), David Rosenberg, (Sergeant (Ret.), L.A.P.D.), Todd Silver, (Reserve Officer, L.A.P.D.)