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Officers Moonlighting at LAPD

April 26, 2006

I agree wholeheartedly with Commissioner Mack's comments regarding moonlighting jobs by the LAPD. 

Within the law enforcement community it has encouraged a loss of integrity and brings a whole host of  conflict of interest issues. 

Most major police departments have strict controls on their officers' ability to work outside the force.  The NYPD prohibits its officers from working in "licensed premises" which are any establishment that requires a license to operate by the local, county or state government, such as bars and casinos. 

Of course, if the LAPD wanted to make a real gesture they would the example of the FBI which completely prohibits its special agents from earning any income outside of their FBI salaries.  This would completely void any conflict of interest issues and go a long way in restoring integrity.

~~ anonymous ~~