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Pacific Area - New Resource

July 8, 2006

Friends, Neighbors, Residents et. All:

The Pacific Area is proud to announce the launch of it's community website, The site is a work in progress and with help / input from all of you it can only get better of course if anyone wants to volunteer some time or expertise that would be great too.

"Pacific Beat" provides residents of the Pacific Division up to date crime reports for their specific BASIC CAR area (as provided and approved by LAPD-Pacific), either via regular emails or by visiting the website any time to see the latest updates.  High Priority Community Alerts are immediately dispatched to all subscribers and block captains.

This communication network was key in the arrest of a rapist several years ago and remains key in keeping all residents current as to what is happening in the Pacific Area.  Local community events are posted and you can even hear/see our Captain Williams on the front page.

As citizens and block captains we can realistically only take care of our block, but by reaching out and creating a strong network as LA Community Policing has done, our blocks will soon connect making a stronger chain with further outreach.

Thanks to the inspiration of LACP we felt the need to provide an area-specific, hands-on resource for concerned citizens in the Pacific Area.  We hope to see you join our subscriber list and thank you for being aware and alert ... and for getting to know your neighbors.


Sue Slaton
Pacific Area