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Loud Music Complaints

October 11, 2006


I have just recently moved to Los Angeles from New York City this last November of 2005.  I currently reside in Korea Town.  I love the weather and Los Angeles has a cool vibe about it.

Here's the problem-

I currently live by neighbors who enjoy music.  Which is great, because I am in the music retail business.  But they play their music way too loud, all day long.  I have tried to be the good neighbor, and I talked to them, left letters, and they still do not understand.  I have contacted the rental management offices to notify them of the situation, and they can not even get it under control, or they just are uncapable of handling the running of the apartments.  The management of the rental property told me that I should call the police and file a complaint.  So I have called the LAPD on 2 different occasions.   In both occasions they have not responded to my calls.

It is now getting to the point that my neighbors are turning it up really loud when they know I am home home just to spite me.  When I knock on their door and ask them to turn it down,  they turn it up.  Now, when they leave their apartment, they have started banging on my door.

Can you please help me in getting this problem resolved.  Can I schedule a time and/or appointment so that the LAPD can come over and mediate the situation.  I do not think my neighbors speak very good English, so an officer who speaks Spanish would help out the situation.

Thanks again for taking the time in reading this, because I know LAPD is always busy.

I hope LAPD can help!


Bradley Pierce
Los Angeles Resident