Members of the Police Commission
the Board and the Commission staff

The LAPD Board of Police Commissioners

The Board of Police Commissioners serves as the civilian oversight at the head of the Los Angeles Police Department, functioning like a corporate board of directors, setting policies for the department and overseeing its operations.

The Board works in conjunction with the Chief of Police William J. Bratton who acts as a chief executive officer and reports to the Board.

150 North Los Angeles Street, #150
Los Angeles, CA 90012

213 / 485-3235

The five civilian members who make up the current Board of Police Commissioners are:

Anthony Pacheco, President
John W. Mack, Vice President
Alan J. Skobin
Shelley Freeman
Andrea S. Ordin

Their biographies are pending. They met for the first time on August 23, 2005, and replaced this group of Commissioners:

David S. Cunningham, III - President
An attorney specializing in redevelopment and land use
Alan J. Skobin - Vice President
Vice President and General Council of Galpin Motors, Inc.
Commissioner Corina Alarcon
Newly appointed - former President of Fire Commission
Commissioner Rick J. Caruso
Chief Executive Officer of Caruso Affiliated Holdings
Commissioner Rose Ochi
An attorney, former Director US Department of Justice Community Relations Service

The Board of Police Commissioners usually meets on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. at Parker Center, but also makes frequent appearances at meetings scheduled out in the communities: Current Agenda

Executive Director

The Board is supported and assisted in it's tasks by a staff whose chief administrative officer is the Executive Director, Richard Tefank. He reports directly to the Board and is charged with the supervision, appointment, discharge, discipline and transfer of the Commission's executive staff and Commission Investigation Division personnel.

The Executive Director oversees budgetary appropriations for the Police Commission, including the recommendation of an annual Police Commission budget. The Executive Director is also the Board's liaison to the Office of the Chief of Police and Police Department, and represents the Commission at various meetings and events.

Included in the Office of the Executive Director are:

Community Policing Coordinator
Commission Budget Analyst



Commission Investigation Division
......Alarm Section
......Enforcement Section
......Advocates Unit
......Charitable Services Section
......Permit Process Section
......Records Section

Personnel Group
......Grievance Unit
......Police Commission Discrimination Unit
Policy Group
Public Information Director

Office of the Inspector General

The Inspector General, Andre Birotte, is exempt from civil service and reports directly to the Board.

The Office of the Inspector General is one of the major Christopher Commission reform recommendations. The Inspector General audits, investigates, and oversees the Police Department's handling of complaints of misconduct by Department employees, and conducts other investigations as directed by the Board.

The Use of Force Unit, which reviews all Officer Involved Shootings on behalf of the Commission, also reports to the Inspector General.

Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Board Secretary, who reports directly to the Board, is responsible for scheduling meetings and coordinating all agenda material for the Commission and its subsidiary boards and panels, and for maintaining records of the proceedings.

The Secretary oversees and schedules civilian Hearing Examiners for permit hearings and Boards of Rights.

The Secretary is also the Conflict of Interest coordinator and liaisons with the Ethics Commission, City Attorney's Office and Office of the Chief of Police.

Police Permit Review Panel

The Police Permit Review Panel is responsible for the granting, denial, suspension or revocation of police permits and alarm permits. With respect to cases, which have been heard before an independent Hearing Examiner, no findings or recommendations are final unless the Review Panel approves them.

The panel is also responsible for granting permits for solicitation of money or property for charitable purposes, receiving gifts and bequests for charitable or philanthropic purposes, administering the disposal of funds set aside by the City for charitable purposes, and promoting coordination among all charities in the City.

The Police Permit Review Panel meets at Parker Center on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays of the month at 2:30 p.m.


150 North Los Angeles Street, #150
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Board of Police Commissioners
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