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LA Community Policing

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LACP Press Release - Jan, 2003   - former film and television editor, Bill Murray, admits that running the nine-month-old LACP website has taken over his life - a tremendous amount of time goes into the effort, now a nonprofit (not yet funded)
Police Commission honors LA Community Policing   - the LA Police Commission honored Los Angeles Community Policing ( on October 29, 2002, by awarding its founder, Bill Murray, with a Certificate of Appreciation
- recent comments and criticisms from the LACP "stakeholders" - community members, LAPD officers and City officials
Police Commission Approves Financial Disclosure Program
"Adrenaline Rush Hour" - an officer says "thanks"
Broad fix needed for gang woes
Mall Holiday Crime Prevention
Animal Cruelty Task Force
LAPD's Annual Angels Community Book & Toy Drive
Foothill Area SLO Might Be A Glamour Woman
Crisis Response Team (CRT) Now Recruiting
LAPD's Chief Bratton Speaks Out
LAPD's Community Engagement Initiative with the Muslim Community
Skid Row - Are We Taking a Step Back?
Reserve Police Officer Program
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training
LAPD's Chief Bratton knows larger terrorism threat
Global Incident Map
National Strategy for Homeland Security - DHS
Fire Disaster Information - from DONE
LAPD Final Report - An Examination of May Day 2007
Wildfire Preparedness and Red Flag Parking Status
LAPD deserves better than recent tirade
Historic Chief's Reappointment
Gun Microstamping Legislation
A Letter to Skid Row
U.S. must be ready for second, worse attack
Homeland Security National Preparedness Month
Community Emergency Response Team - LA Fire Dept
Pacheco Elected as Police Commission's President
Fire Chief Barry Responds to Brenda Lee v. City of L A Verdict
A Skid Row Cop's Opinion -- To Feed or Not to Feed
Newsletters Engage the Community
Kids are susceptible on-line
Police Commission Reappoints Chief Bratton to a Second Term
Homicide Rate Down - safest in 50 years
Police Academy for Community Members - FREE
Update on Skid Row
56 indicted in ICE operation targeting foreign national gang members
DHS Sponsors Fourth Annual National Preparedness Month
Investigations of MacArthur Park Incident
Chief Bratton Briefs Media on MacArthur Park
Ham Radio Mentoring - Classes through LA Fire Department
Help save the CERT Program
LANI's 5th Annual Event - All FREE !!
LAFD_ALERT - help beta-test a new Fire Dept project
Chief Bratton Requests Second Term - Public Meeting
Public Safety Campaign Kicked-Off in Valley
Police Academy for Community Members - FREE
Controller Laura Chick Audits LAPD
LAFD - 10 Tips About Poison Control
Free online WMD classes
Beloved Search Dog 'Bella' Dies at 14
LA Times Homicide Report
National Sex Offender Registry
City launces whistle-blower hotline
2007 Gang Enforcement Initiatives
Global Incident Map
Gang Related Crime - Voices from Hollenbeck
Crime Prevention for the 21st Century: Community Policing