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ASKBILL:   An LACP community member suggested we put a new column on the LACP website where our readers can "Ask Bill" a question. We thought this was a great idea ... and we'll answer as many as we can.
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LACP Press Release - Jan, 2003   - former film and television editor, Bill Murray, admits that running the nine-month-old LACP website has taken over his life - a tremendous amount of time goes into the effort, now a nonprofit (not yet funded)
Police Commission honors LA Community Policing   - the LA Police Commission honored Los Angeles Community Policing ( on October 29, 2002, by awarding its founder, Bill Murray, with a Certificate of Appreciation
- just some of the Page 1 Articles from early editions of the Los Angeles Community Policing forum, in many cases editorial comments on a topic that was current at the time
Valerie Shaw   - among its most enthusiastic grassroots participants LACP is proud to include this extraordinary urban woman - not only is she a great writer but she's been a community activist for many years
Andrew Garsten   - we are delighted to feature the works of Andrew Garsten, a resident of Echo Park - he's an involved community member, and a contributor in both the public safety and the neighborhood council systems
Choosing a Chief - 2002   - a series of articles and reports written during 2002 as the Commission went through the process of helping the City locate the best candidates for Chief of Police
Featuring Los Angeles   - one neighborhood at a time - webmasters are finding ways to reach out to community members by using the internet - as more residents are connected on the web this will become even more important
- recent comments and criticisms from the LACP "stakeholders" - community members, LAPD officers and City officials
- some questions and / or comments that were either posted by our LA Community Policing e-group members (a Yahoo e-group) or asked directly by readers