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LACP Press Release - Jan, 2003   - former film and television editor, Bill Murray, admits that running the nine-month-old LACP website has taken over his life - a tremendous amount of time goes into the effort, now a nonprofit (not yet funded)
Police Commission honors LA Community Policing   - the LA Police Commission honored Los Angeles Community Policing ( on October 29, 2002, by awarding its founder, Bill Murray, with a Certificate of Appreciation
- recent comments and criticisms from the LACP "stakeholders" - community members, LAPD officers and City officials
NEW! - Council File Management System - (formerly the Council File Index System) by BongHwan Kim, DONE General Manager , I am pleased to announce and make available to you a new Council File Management System (CFMS), which will replace the existing Council File Index system on Monday, August 11, 2008. The CFMS is a complete redesign and rewrite from top to bottom of the Council File Index system and includes a number of new features and enhancements, including the ability to subscribe to automatic notifications when a Council file has been updated. See the details inside ...
Depury Sheriff slain in Cypress Park, Northeast LA
CERT Help Needed - Presidential Primary Elections - Feb 5th
LAPD Reports - Reduction in 2007 Gang Crime
Back to School Safety - from the LAPD
LAPD's Message From The Chief of Police
Monthly Crime Prevention Tips
LA Crime Down for Sixth Consecutive Year in 2007