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A kid who wants justice for his brother, murdered in Sylmar
...December 9th - (name withheld by LACP), 15 year old warrior, Sylmar

West Wing episode features amendment limiting judicial discretion in sentencing
...December 8th - Margy Margaret Love, Washington, D.C.

California Office of Emergency Management is looking for two volunteers
...November 5th - Linda Underwood, CERT-LA

An opportunity to help the fire victims - dogs and cats
...November 5th - Sheryl Greene, San Fernando Valley

Are The Police Sleeping?
...October 19th - Rosa Sanchez, Los Angeles

It's too bad free services also have a price
...October 16th - Terri Romero, El Sereno

Move Your Vehicle -- What are my rights?
...September 18th - A. Jones, Tujunga

...September 4th - Terry Castaneda, Boyle Heights

Adult Entertainment Ordinance - We need your help
...August 1st - Marilyn Sanchez, Montecito Heights

Alley traffic in Venice is rediculous - letter to Pacific Division
...July 30th - Steve Reed, Venice

Response to LA Times article "Lobbyists Prepare to Fight Proposals"

...July 18th - Kim Thompson, Granada Hills

Bulky item pick up - a new online service - and FREE mulch
July 15th - Donnette Thayer, Montecito Heights

"Your credit" - an email warning that's partly accurate
...June 17th - Jim "ABE" Abraham, Huntington Beach

California Alarm Association - taking us for rubes?
...June 11th - Greg Fitchitt, Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council

LAPD should exercise responsibility for film permits
...June 10th - Thomas A. Guiton, Downtown LA

Stop neighborhood violence ... what I’m willing to give is myself
...May 31st - Rodney Brown, West Covina

Update to my letter of Jan 24 - We know who killed my brother
...May 28th - Melanie Donahue, Venice

My brother was shot and the police don't seem to care
...May 27nd - Ada Williams, Los Angeles

Want more police revenue? Enforce the laws we have!
...May 22nd - Pam Hutson, Sylmar

Valerie Shaw is a public menace -- re: Satire on Garvanza Skatepark
...May 21st - Mary Sargent, Los Angeles

Don't give out your password!
...May 20th - Bennett Kayser, Echo Park

NOTE to LAPD: Hire 320 civilians, you'd have 320 more sworn officers in the field
...May 15th -
Former LAPD Crime Analyst

Using checks and checking accounts wisely - be prepared
...May 5th - Marilyn Sanchez, Los Angeles

Who was the 1st LAPD Chief of Police?
...April 25th - Deborah Wisniewski, Los Angeles

Please join the Civil Liberties Defense Coalition
...April 18th - Robert J. Squires, Mt. Washington

Thank you so much for contacting me
...April 14th - Barbara Boxer, United States Senator

Recent DowntownLA Neighborhood Council Board Meeting, Questions

...April 11th - Thomas A. Guiton, Downtown LA

The true story of how TAPS came to be

...April 8th - Perry Templeton, Fallbrook

Problems with BONC/DONE Conflict of Interest Codes meeting

...April 8th - Tony Scudellari, Glassell Park

Stop telemarketers from calling you - sign up now!

...April 2nd - Martha Benedict, Montecito Heights

Take 10 seconds to thank our troops

...March 26th - Donnette Thayer, Montecito Heights

Entering a phone number in GOOGLE now reveals / maps your address!

...March 25th - S.N., Texas

Grassroots residents opposed to war in Iraq - please join us!
...March 25th - Robert J. Squires, Mt. Washington

Satellite pictures of your neighborhood
....March 13th - John Sprung, Los Angeles

Message for Peace -- Please forward to Rome
....March 11th - Judith Dancoff, Los Angeles

A cry for help ... from a 14 year old female gang member

....March 4th - (name withheld by LACP), Los Angeles

Thank you Chief Bratton from Minnesota Mom
....March 1st - Rita Nelson, Rochester, Minnesota

The ABCs for LAPD on how to be able to answer alarm calls
....February 21st - Another Former LAPD Crime Analyst

International support for the message at LA Community Policing
....February 21st - Norman Peers, Chichester, England

The truth about how to survive Chemical, Nuclear and Biological attacks
....February 17th - SFC Red Thomas (Ret), Armor Master Gunner, Mesa, Arizona

Profit motive behind burglar alarm response stoppage
....February 13th - Edward L. Woody, Los Angeles

LAFD Disaster Preparedness unit should cancel "mens only" CERT classes
....February 11th - Elizabeth Aleman-Shryack, Los Angeles

The first step in ridding our nation of police misconduct is accountability
....February 9th - Anonymous, Los Angeles

For the community Neighborhood Watch is a must-participate effort
....January 28th - Art Snyder, Member of the City Council, Retired

Working an LAPD Front Desk and fielding alarm response requests
....January 27th - Harbor Area Volunteer 416

My youngest brother was shot and killed by a Venice Shoreline Crip
....January 24th - Melanie Donahue, Venice

Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team letter to Chief Bratton
....January 21st - Fred Rennwald, Devonshire Division VST Board of Directors

NATIONAL SECURITY (the movie) and a tour of LA Community Policing
....January 20th - Svenja Homölle, Germany

What should I do if have drug dealers in my neighborhood?
January 17th - R. (her full name was withheld by LACP), Los Angeles

Responding to alarms
....January 11th - Roger B. Huntman, Woodland Hills

Hot pursuit / high speed police chase
....January 10th - Marie Gray, Alabama

Proactive policing and the LAUSD
....January 10th - Roger B. Huntman, Woodland Hills

Sworn / PI confict of interest from the other side - more thoughts
January 5th - Edward L. Woody, Los Angeles (see 12/10/02 letter to Chief below)

Response to burglar alarms - Letter to the Mayor
....January 4th - Daisy Jackson, Los Angeles

Police chases in Mississippi and the Nation
....January 1st - Linda McCoy, Victim of a police pursuit in Brandon, Mississippi


The opinions expressed in this section will be those that come through the link below:

Click here to send comments to:
LACP letters to the Editor

NOTE: Your letter must be "signed" with your name and the area you come from, or a title.

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Yours in service,

Bill Murray