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Stop the noise from local tv news helicopters
....December 31st - Wayne Williams, Sherman Oaks Homeowners Assocation

Does LAPD really need a bigger budget for officers?
....December 26th - Former LAPD Crime Analyst

Join Sheriff Baca - the youth in the community, leaders of tomorrow, need you
....December 17th - Elder Charles Price, Southwest and Wilshire

Changing the pursuit policy could be detrimental to public safety
....December 17th - Martin Zemanek, Retired police officer, Santa Cruz

This is a community without gangs ...
....December 17th - Former LAPD Crime Analyst

Police pursuits - there's a lack of respect for authority
....December 17th - Eric R. Ali, Principal, Al-Madinah School

Police pursuits - they've got to stop
....December 17th - Anna L. Archambeau, RN, Los Angeles

And yet another senseless murder - Friday night in Venice
....December 16th - S. Stevens, Venice, CA

Response to Nov 7th letter re: City Council funding of non-profit organizations
....December 13th - Tammy Membrano,
Barrio Action Youth and Family Center

Official LAPD policy allows abuse - either be a cop, or be a private eye ... not both
....December 10th - Edward L. Woody, Los Angeles - (an open letter to Chief Bratton)

Website, organization created to break the senseless cycle of gang violence
....December 6th - Erika K. Washington, Signal Hill

Inventor has simple product that puts officer safety first
....December 5th - Lynette Warneke Gray, Inventor - GloGlov

"Gang Tzar" chosen by Chief Bratton, Deputy Chief Mike Hillmann, a good pick
....December 5th - Former LAPD Crime Analyst

"Neighbors for Peace and Justice" - grassroots residents opposed to war in Iraq
....November 30th - Robert J. Squires, Mt. Washington

A new Lifetime TV series seeks stories of couragious women
....November 22nd - Eyvette Jones, Producer - Lifetime Television

Letter to LAPD in North Hollywood - noise problems are mental health issues
....November 17th - Mike Sirkin, North Hollywood

Mayor's letter to LACP participants re: "Chief William Bratton out in the community"
....November 9th - James K. Hahn, Mayor of Los Angeles

Is City Council in the business of funding non-profit organizations?
....November 7th - Mr. and Mrs. D. Vitkoff, Marina del Rey

Merrihill Community Neighborhood Watch Program success!
....November 5th - Karen Valdez, Merrihill Community, Carmichael, CA

Certificate of Appreciation from the Board of Police Commissioners
....October 30th - Everett Littlefield, Silverlake, Northeast C-PAB

Sacramento area community policing is a TEAM EFFORT
....October 30th - Sherrie Waugh, Crime Prevention Specialist, Sacramento County Sheriff

Thank you for the article about our CHP led Neighborhood Watch
....October 29th - Jodi Bruce, Merrihill NW Coordinator, Carmichael, CA

An Open Letter To The Mother Of A Teenage Killer
....October 25th - Valerie Shaw, Highland Park

Closing of the West Valley Jail on Oct 25th
....October 12th - Joan Kelley, Van Nuys

Letter to Mayor James Hahn - re: zero tolerance policing
....September 28th -
Dr. Arthur Jones, Dr. Robin Wiseman, Los Angeles

Another "thank you" to Captain Jackson, LAPD Northeast Division
....September 18th - Alonso Calderon, Glassell Park

Mayor James Hahn's letter to the community re: Selecting a Chief
....September 17th - James K. Hahn, Mayor of Los Angeles

A "thank you" to Captain Jackson, LAPD Northeast Division
....September 10th - Alonso Calderon, Glassell Park

A request for help with gangs ... from the United Kingdom
....September 2nd - Julie Overend, Manchester, England

"9-11-01 Tribute to Patriotism" - a poem by Jesse Gladson
....September 1st - Jessie Gladson, Los Angeles

"United We'll Stand" (song - a tribute to 9/11)
....August 29th - Patricia Welch, recording artist, Los Angeles

A new LACP e-group member says "hello" and offers his assistance
....August 29th - Luis A. Rivas, Highland Park, United States Probation Officer

My compliments on the outstanding LACP website
....August 24th - Consuelo Gomez, Wilshire Vista Neighborhood Association

Grassroots Events - 7am, 9/11/02 - Paying Respect to the victims of September 11th
....August 21st - Tom (Slim) Lattimer, Anaheim

British girl, 14, wants info on how to prepare for LAPD career
....August 17th - Cameron Broadhurst, Manchester, England

"Homegrown Terrorism" - blame the Mayor and City Council
August 8th - Elizabeth McClellan, Southeast Neighborhood Council

Thanking you for having a fantastic website
....August 2nd -
Ron Pangaliman, Los Angeles

A great day for all law enforcement officers
....August 1st -
Ron Pangaliman, Los Angeles

Inappropriate activity in Elisian Park
....July 31st - Don Noyes-More, Downtown Los Angeles

Defining Community Policing
....July 27th -
Dr. Arthur Jones, Los Angeles

Web site is an inspiration & an education
....July 27th - Terry Castaneda, Boyle Heights

Police Commission Letter - a thank you to C-PAB members
....July 18th - Rick Caruso, President, LAPD Poilice Commission

An open invitation to the LAPD Command Staff
....July 17th - Bill Murray, Montecito Heights

My endorsement for chief ...
....July 14th - Bill Murray, Montecito Heights

Police Chases - Could you tell me why the chase?
....July 2nd -
Nat S. Linden, West Hills

My criteria in selecting the next Chief of Police
....June 27st - Monica Harmon, Los Angeles

Gun Control - A Gutless Supreme Court Decision
....June 21st - Patricia Price, Hollywood

LAPD Reserve Officer Program - Why does it take so long?
....June 18th - Ron del Barrio, Studio City

Sheriff's budget problems - Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

....June 13th - Michael D. Antonovich - County Supervisor, Fifth District

Gangs and Drugs event

June 7th - Corinne Simon-Duneau, El Sereno

Do we need a white Police Chief?

....May 29th - Ron Pangaliman, Los Angeles

The solution is not policing, it's a weak Judicial system

....May 12th - Eddie Durán, Boyle Heights

From Wisconsin - Problem solving is the future of policing

....May 6th - John Scepanski, Wisconsin Dept. of Justice

Municipal police are a relatively new invention

....April 27th - Laura King, Los Angeles

The concept of “Community Government" is correct

....April 27th - Paul Robinson, Harbor C-PAB member

The search for the next Chief of Police - Mark Kroeker suggested

....April 26th - Paul Robinson, Harbor C-PAB member

The Mayor's "State of the City Address" and "End of an era ..."

....April 23rd - Elizabeth McClellan, Southeast Neighborhood Council

Community Tagger Task Force
....March 9th - Robert A. Rouge, Van Nuys


The opinions expressed in this section will be those that come through the link below:

Click here to send comments to:
LACP letters to the Editor

NOTE: Your letter must be "signed" with your name and the area you come from, or a title.

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Yours in service,

Bill Murray